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Your pet and you can speak the same language!
Hi! It's Anton and Nastya.
We are happy you're here.

We are the founders of KingCat School, zoo psychologists and trainers of domestic and wild animals.
We Can Change Any Destructive Behavior Without Punishment And Seductive Drugs.
Anton Demin
We started our professional careers 20 years ago. We were working at a zoo, but soon enough decided to change our course and to practise adjustment for animals and self-imposed medicine.
We worked in the Philippines, South America, China, Africa etc.
For 20 years we've been doing our best to solve behavioral problems, teach pet owners self-imposed medicine practice. We created good habitats for animals and developed a program for pet owners to help them raise their little friends.

Anastasia Kalinicheva
We know everything about the relationship between humans and animals. Our methodology will help you to find keys to your pet's heart and mind.
KingCat School has been helping pet owners for 3 years, we taught more than 9000 students.
Also we participated in a countless number of TV shows aiming to help as many people as we could.
​Important notice: we never use punishment or seductive drugs as our methods. We find it extremely cruel and never recommend it to anyone.

Our mission is to leave the world a better place than we found it as a species. Humans and animals can live in a climate of peace and harmony.

As intelligent creatures we are responsible for pets we own. So we want every pet owner to get along with his pet. It is more than possible to live a comfortable life together and to meet a pet's needs.
A pet is not a toy and our purpose is not to break his/her nature and character, but to teach a pet owner how to create a comfortable habitat for everyone.

If your cat
bites and scratches
chews on flowers

steals your food and chills on the table without permission

destroys furniture

doesn’t like taking a bath or clipping claws

fights with other pets

Our courses are your solution!
After KingCat School's course
your pet will behave well and gentle
will calmly let you clip his claws or brush teeth

will only use a cat litter

won’t be noisy at night and let you sleep

won’t destroy any home flowers

will be friendly to other pets

will only use a scratching post

won’t destroy your furniture or anything else

Our Students’ Opinion

The lessons are simple and clear. Even a 7-year-old can study them.
The methods are useful even if you “already tried everything”.

To achieve your goals, 7 minutes of studying per day is enough.

We never use punishment and seductive drugs. Love is the solution.

While studying our course you’ll find out how to understand your pet’s needs, change his behavior without changing his nature.
Breed and age doesn’t matter!


Upcoming events.
Launching a guide about pet’s aggressive behaviour

To those whose pet’s been aggressive, bites or scratches.

Consultation with a zoo psychologist/ pet behaviorist.

Available in English and in Russian

Become a zoo psychologist. Online course.

Available in Russian

How to become a zoo psychologist?

Online meeting with the founders of the school.

Online discussion.

Talking about pet’s progress, mistakes and future plans.

Lesson with wild animals.

For students of the Zoo psychology course.

Ask a question or just chat
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